Ontario Intercultural Community Services (OICS) is a non-profit organization providing multidisciplinary and culturally appropriate services to under-served communities in the Region of Peel through innovative program development and key strategic partnerships.

  • Vision

    A just and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunities to thrive.


LGBTQ+ Programs

Located in Malton, the Peel Diversity & Inclusion Hub provides a collaboration space for organizations working in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

Leadership Programs

OICS is working with community partners to develop a four day leadership camp at our Caledon Wellness Centre.

Program Incubation

Operating out of the Caledon Wellness Centre, we provide a range of health and wellness programs aimed at healing the body, mind and soul.


Based in Caldeon, the Wellness Centre is a community space providing health and wellness programs in the Region of Peel.

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