About OICS

Our Mission

OICS is a non-profit agency with the aim to build strong and prosperous community.
We offer services to the local community challenged by hunger and homelessness.

Our Values

  • Accountability to all.
  • Anti-Racist framework.
  • Open management style.
  • Superior quality of services.
  • Achieving the balance in meeting stakeholders needs/expectations.

Our Principles

  • Build loyalty through ownership and community involvement.
  • Be open to see new potential and opportunities.
  • Enhance the capacity of youth and seniors.


OICS envisions becoming a lead agency representing cultural diversity to ensure civic pride, higher quality of life, capacity building and social well being through various sustainable programs and services for new immigrants, refugees and resident Canadians


OICS further plans to enhance the capacity of youth and seniors by providing them focused services such as: life management skills, social groups, employment counselling and confidence to succeed without any discrimination.

What We Do

OICS provides assistance to individuals at different phases of their settlement process. We help recently arrived immigrants, refugees and also assist settled immigrants who continue to require social and government services.

OICS offers multi-sector community services.