Board of Directors

OICS’s Board takes primary for the ultimate accountability and for the long-term sustainability of the organization. The Board is comprised of five community members who are elected by the general membership for a two year term.

As a multicultural organization, OICS recognizes that its Board of Directors must be representative of the communities that it serves, and maintains a consistent effort to ensure that this diversity is reflected at all levels of the organization. OICS has a mandate to recruit nominees that represent the broadest cross-section of the cultural communities of Ontario. Our current board members represent the Chinese, South Asian, Eastern European, and Polish, communities. The Nominations Committee accepts nominations from the community, volunteers, and staff. Our Nominations Committee also actively seeks those whose professional expertise meets the organization’s needs and goals. 

The Responsibilities Of Our Board:

  • Determine policy.
  • Set strategic directions for the organization.
  • Approve new services, budgets and contracts.
  • Monitor the quality of the organization’s activities.
  • Raise funds.
  • Engage the Executive Director.
  • Appoint the Executive Committee of the Board.
  • Establish and serve on various Advisory Groups and Task Forces.
  • Report on their stewardship to the membership of the organization at the Annual General Meeting.

Standing Committees

OICS’s Board of Directors has established a number of standing committees related to key priority areas such as: finance and business, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, promotion and external partnership, professional development and volunteer management committee.
The function of standing committees is to play an advisory role to review, examine, and monitor a specified area of service on behalf of the Board, and to isolate the key issues requiring Board consideration.
The responsibility of each Standing committee is to:
  • Assist the Board of Directors in being accountable for monitoring services, and in being financially responsible.
  • Assist the organization in providing the best possible services to our clients by contributing to a specific area of service.
  • Have a good understanding of OICS’s mandate, mission, philosophy; and an overview of the services provided.
  • Maintain an overview of the specific area of service in terms of service delivery and resource requirements.
  • Propose appropriate action to the Board as it relates to that service/support.
  • Keep the Board informed of the issues, concerns, and development of the area of service/support.
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding policy development or amendment.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to OICS in the specific area of service/support.