Employment Services


At OICS, we focus on offering you support and advice that will benefit you in your job searching. We provide clothing for interviews, volunteer based training, assistance with advancing and discovering your skills, as well as helping you find a enjoyable and sustainable long time work placement.

Our employment services come at no cost to our members or newcomers, because our workers and volunteers at OICS understand the importance of getting into the work force. Our experienced staff and volunteers are delighted to help you on the path to your future career.

OICS’s Employment Centre provides anyone access to today’s most comprehensive employment and labor market resources.If you are a newcomer to Canada, an experienced worker, new to the work force, a person with a disability, a student, or a youth looking for a long term placement, contact us so we may schedule an appointment and begin assisting you down the path to your new career!

We are “Where Futures Begin”.


Other Employment Services Include

Employment Counselling


Interview Skills


Employment Preparation


Employer Contacts


Job Placement


Resume Writing Techniques