Volunteering at OICS

OICS strongly recognize volunteer contribution, support and dynamic professional skills in order to strengthening community based programs and services. At OICS we extend volunteer opportunities to our members and professionals seeking Canadian community development and social services experience by working with following programs. 

• Settlement and integration services
• Newcomer Program
• Interpretation and translation
• Job Search Facilitation
• Resource centre assistant
• Front desk and admin support
• Family counseling and support assistant
• Information and community corner assistant at various designated places(OW, Public libraries)
• Outreach assistant
• Youth program assistant
• Fundraising assistant

All members are eligible to apply for volunteer opportunity relevant to their skills and professional backgrounds.

volunteering staff

OICS is always looking for new volunteers to fill the increasing needs of the communities we serve. Volunteers are screened for their skills and suitability are assessed to determine their need for training and support. The process includes:

• Submitting the Application Form
• Attending the Orientation Session
• Attending an Interview with the Coordinator of Volunteers
• Attending the Training Session designed for the type of work you intend to pursue


At Ontario Inter-cultural Community Services, we try to balance volunteer qualifications, ability, motivation and preferences with available volunteer positions. We know that each of us has specific skills, interests and abilities and that we find some tasks more enjoyable and meaningful than others. The obvious conclusion is that you are more likely to be motivated if you like the work you are doing. 

At OICS we believe that your volunteer experience should be satisfying, challenging and fun! Therefore, we invite you to complete a self-assessment, which will give you and us a better understanding of your skills, interests and abilities. Before attending your interview with our staff, please consider the following:

• Skills to Give- Things you like to do and would willingly offer to do as a volunteer
• Personal Growth Areas- Things you would like to learn (we will discuss how we might help you enhance the skills)
• Areas to Avoid- Things you don’t want to do as a volunteer, even though you may have that skill or ability

Please consider broadly your interests, skills and talents. Don’t limit yourself to a particular job function. Lastly, have fun with the exercise. Your list may surprise you! Why Volunteer?

volunteer 3

Volunteering in a challenging and fast paced environment (such as we have at OICS) helps to improve morale, increase self-esteem and overcome social isolation. As you volunteer with OICS, you will have an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, to be better prepared for greater responsibilities in today’s workforce or to fulfill your wish of helping others and giving back to your community.

Whatever your reason, OICS invites you to become an active member of our fast growing organization!